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4 Ape to Apex – why are we what we are etc..
Starting with the phrase “we share 98% DNA with monkeys, how is it that we are so different?” this animation is a short summary of how we have evolved from primitive primates to the apex predators on the planet. Touching on how our brains have evolved to learn the way they do, we will focus on the brain’s ability to endlessly adapt to new environments due to the brain development stage at birth. The power of communication will be highlighted, with the animated style being particularly evocative when describing the use of storytelling to enable primitive ancestors to quell their natural inquisitiveness in understanding the world around them.

5 From clones to independent thinkers
Following on from the ‘how we got here’ part of the series, this animation will focus on the science of how the brain works from the initial clone-like learning of young children to the inquisitive independence of adolescents. Referencing the differences between men and women’s brains effective imagery of different learning styles and experimentations will lead onto the next animation…

6 The teacher – educator or guide?
This animation will ask the viewer to examine what they believe the role of teacher should be; as an educator or a guide to learning? The difficulties of modern society’s education system in the way that it teaches children to pass the exam, but not to become well rounded citizens is becoming increasingly troubling. This animation will show the importance of not only learning facts, but understanding how learning takes place, in order that one can take control of their own learning.

7 Connecting the dots
The animation will begin with the visual of a bustling modern society, with everyone having their own specialist discipline and few people able to see the whole picture clearly. This animation will look at how difficult it is to connect all the pieces of the puzzle, and why it should be so important for young brains developing to be able to understand how the world connects. The importance of synthesis and understanding the connection between nature and nurture will be examined in this animation.

8 The value of apprenticeship
The 21st Century Learning Initiative has long been saying that apprenticeship is a highly successful method of training and developing the adolescent brain. This animation will attempt to show how apprenticeship can be adapted to work in modern society, revitalised from the days before the Industrial Revolution, and incorporated into the secondary schooling system.

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