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10 steps towards a better education: #9 The Case for the All-through School

In the ninth of our 10 steps on developing better education for our children, we look at the case for the all-through school.

These 10 steps first appeared as a part of our briefing paper for British parliamentarians, which is why they talk about ‘parliament’. They could equally apply to many governments around the world . . .

#9 The Case for the All-through School
Applying the first eight of our actions (see below), the case would quickly emerge for the all-through school, from the age of 5 to 15 or 16. Such schools should be based on an extension of present primary schools which, given their much closer identity with their communities, could begin to restore the balance between school, home and community.

These schools need have no more than 700 pupils and would normally be within walking or cycling distance of a child’s home – with all the social and ecological benefits that this could bring.

Current secondary schools could evolve into junior colleges (as they have already in some places) with probably no more than half their current number of pupils, thus enabling the pedagogy to demonstrate that this is the point at which adolescents should capitalise on ten years of learning how to take responsibility for their own affairs.

10 steps towards a better education

#1 Understand Learning

#2 Reassert Intelligence

#3 Affirm the Family

#4 Strengthen Community

#5 Unpack the Curriculum

#6 Preparing the Teachers

#7 Empower Local Communities

#8 Reverse an Upside Down System



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