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10 steps towards a better education: #3 Affirm the Family

In the third of our 10 steps on developing better education for our children, we look at the role of families in supporting individuals and communities.

These 10 steps first appeared as a part of our briefing paper for British parliamentarians, which is why they talk about ‘parliament’. They could equally apply to many governments around the world . . .

#3 Affirm the Family

Parliament has to assert that the bringing up of children is the most important task facing the nation. How we are treated as babies and toddlers determines the way in which what we are born with turns us into what we are.

It is the combined influence of home, community and school, which creates men and women capable of doing new things well, not simply repeating what earlier generations have already done.

To retrieve such a dynamic government must appreciate that functional families, well-bedded within supportive communities, are the bedrock of a civilised society. Maintaining family life may be hard but to allow such a cauldron for the formation of interpersonal skills to disappear would be disastrous… and no amount of government funds for expert consultants could replace this.

10 steps towards a better education

#1 Understand Learning

#2 Reassert Intelligence


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