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10 steps towards a better education: #2 Reassert Intelligence

In the second of our 10 steps on developing better education for our children, we look at why we need to reassert intelligence – in all its many forms.

These 10 steps first appeared as a part of our briefing paper for British parliamentarians, which is why they talk about ‘parliament’. They could equally apply to many governments around the world . . .

#2 Reassert Intelligence

Parliament must understand that intelligence comes in many forms. In a post- industrial society, where intellectual capital and applied common sense are more important than raw resources, Parliament must ensure the full development of the various kinds of intelligence of its people.

Under too much pressure specifically to improve examination results schools tend to develop superficial “quick wits” rather than the more robust, long-term “hard wits” which breed flexibility and adaptability.

Policy makers must appreciate that the greatest incentive to learn is personal, it is intrinsic, something that so grabs the individual’s attention that they stick at it with the personal dedication that sees any failure to resolve an issue as a personal challenge to find another way of re-framing the problem.

10 steps towards a better education
#1 Understand Learning

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