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10 steps towards a better education: #1 Understand Learning

In the first of our 10 steps on developing better education for our children we look at the need to understand learning.   

These 10 steps first appeared as a part of our briefing paper for British parliamentarians, which is why they talk about ‘parliament’. They could equally apply to many governments around the world . . .

#1 Understand Learning
Parliament must take the lead in showing the country that the task of education involves far more than producing good pupils able to pass exams. Rather, it is to equip every child to become a fully functional adult, so as to do wisely and responsibly whatever it is they will eventually have to do.

Parliament has to encourage schools to begin a dynamic process through which students are progressively weaned of their dependence on teachers and institutions, and given the confidence to manage their own learning, collaborating with colleagues as appropriate, and using a range of resources and learning situations.

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